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Why a Primary Care Provider?

Why is it important to see one primary care provider (PCP)?  By seeing one provider you are able to build a relationship.  Your provider will be able to get to know you, and recognize changes over time.  With time your PCP becomes more aware of your history beyond that which is written in a medical record.  This will promote healthcare personalized to you, ultimately better healthcare.

When interacting with your PCP it is important that you feel you were listened too.  You are not merely a patient; you are one half of the healthcare team.  Your voice is important; you are ultimately the one who decides the direction of healthcare decisions.  The guidance and experience of you PCP provides you with the information to make informed choices about your healthcare.  Finding the right fit is important so you feel validated.  We want to encourage you toward healthier lifestyle choices.

One way to establish and nurture this important patient provider relationship is by having your annual physical exam.  The affordable care acts has mandated that insurances cover this service.  It is a good time: to make sure you have had your preventative cancer screenings; are up to date on immunizations; manage you chronic conditions; review your medications; and ensure a current and complete medical record.

When seeing a single PCP over time you are more likely to be comfortable discussing your health in an open and honest manner.  Your Provider is better able to recognize subtle changes in you, which may signal a developing condition or decline in health.  This relationship has its rewards for the provider as well.  I personally feel a sense of joy and satisfaction when a patient I treated returns and I can see their improvement.

At Exodus Healthcare Network, we are lucky to have many providers.  With this many providers to choose from everyone should be able to find a “good fit”.  Benefits of this large team of providers, you can be seen on short notice when sick even if not by your PCP.  We are able to improve your access by having late office hours, so you can be seen when it is convenient for you.

Ann Flinders FNP, is located at Exodus Healthcare Network, 3665 S. 8400 W. Suite 100, in Magna.  She is now accepting new patients.  If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to talk with Ann about, call 801-250-9638 to make an appointment.